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Production Company

PKP Productions is a company, founded by Perry Kist around 1990. The company is specialized in media events, like music, books and images.

One of the most famous products of the company is PerryV. Besides PKP Productions published the Serenity Mega Charts for several years.


"Music is my Passion and Music is my Religion..." that is the motto of PerryV. He writes music from the heart. The preference for writing is in soundtrack music, where the personal feeling can play a great part in. The first song which is more a soundtrack song is “Winter” which was written and released in 2005.

As photographer is PerryV also working for his own music. The covers of the singles and albums are all creations of his own hand.


Photography is also a part of the PKP Production company. Perry Kist is photographer and makes mostly pictures of nature.

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  • Serenity Mega Charts
  • PerryV
  • Perry's Photography
  • Nieuwsbrief
  • Book - Perry Kist Author

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